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Graduates of 2020 & 2021

Stay local and and GO further at our local colleges, just like our graduates of 2020 and 2021!

The graduation for the 2020 students sadly had to be postponed, but they were all invited to this years’ graduation to celebrate their fantastic achievement.

Our Graduates

First NameLast NameSubject Area
HugoHobbsHNC Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
JessicaJarvisHNC Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
JamieWoolgarHNC Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
MarkRichardsHNC Computing
GerryForondaHNC Construction
JoanneHughesHNC Construction
SimonBarrHNC Construction & the Built Environment
RyanCoxHNC Construction & the Built Environment
JanineGoslingHNC Construction & the Built Environment
JackHarveyHNC Construction & the Built Environment
BenjaminHolmesHNC Construction & the Built Environment
BenjaminHookHNC Construction & the Built Environment
EbrimaJallowHNC Construction & the Built Environment
JoeMajorHNC Construction & the Built Environment
DeclanMooreHNC Construction & the Built Environment
JamesSpreyHNC Construction & the Built Environment
MatthewWakefieldHNC Construction & the Built Environment
Aaron Frederick LukeLAUNCHBURYHNC Creative Media Production
SamuelCUNNINGHAMHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Romano ManuelDA GRACAHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
JoshuahDALEYHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Kristian JosephDEANHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
RoryJOGGYAHHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
PiersLYDONHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
BeataPANCZYKHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
George LewisPENFOLDHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
GeraintQUICKHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Gregory DavidSMEDLEYHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
MaxSMITHHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
AlexTAYLORHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Sam MichaelTHOMASHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Matthew BrianWAGHORNHNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
HarryBenhamHNC Engineering (General)
JoshuaBriffetHNC Engineering (General)
JoshuaChippsHNC Engineering (General)
SamCoopeyHNC Engineering (General)
SamuelFinchHNC Engineering (General)
AdamGoffHNC Engineering (General)
CameronLennoxHNC Engineering (General)
DannyMartinHNC Engineering (General)
MatthewMcCurdyHNC Engineering (General)
JamesMooreHNC Engineering (General)
JacobNolderHNC Engineering (General)
LukePadleyHNC Engineering (General)
OscarReevesHNC Engineering (General)
PaulSmithHNC Engineering (General)
ThierryCHAPMANHNC Engineering (Manufacturing)
Jack PaulHEBBERDHNC Engineering (Manufacturing)
WilliamCLEARYHNC Engineering (Mechanical)
Thomas AlanDENNISHNC Engineering (Mechanical)
Jack WilliamHUMPHREYHNC Engineering (Mechanical)
AndrewMAYRICKHNC Engineering (Mechanical)
Alexandre RobertMAYSHNC Engineering (Mechanical)
DanielAllenHNC Horticulture
HollyBurnHNC Horticulture
BrookeDavenportHNC Horticulture
GeorginaHarrisHNC Horticulture
ThembisileRichardsonHNC Horticulture
JoanneSmythHNC Horticulture
TobyStedmanHNC Horticulture
MollyUptonHNC Horticulture
EnyaOatesHNC Music (Professional Session Musician)
JordanPulleyHNC Music (Professional Session Musician)
MorganJonesHNC Performing Arts (Acting)
JoshuaMcCoyHNC Performing Arts (Acting)
IsaacSturgeHNC Performing Arts (Acting)
CharlotteWaltersHNC Performing Arts (Acting)
JeanALEXISHND Aeronautical Engineering
Daniel Louis AlecBONEHND Aeronautical Engineering
WilliamFREEMANHND Aeronautical Engineering
TarekGHANNAMHND Aeronautical Engineering
Mohi-Ud-DinGHOUSHND Aeronautical Engineering
Kieron DerekHAMILTONHND Aeronautical Engineering
IrfaanJABBARHND Aeronautical Engineering
MaryamKHANHND Aeronautical Engineering
Mohammed-NaseeruddinKHANHND Aeronautical Engineering
HayatMUSTAPHAHND Aeronautical Engineering
EloiseBennettHND Animal Management
EmmaBewHND Animal Management
LydiaBirdseyeHND Animal Management
SimoneBradyHND Animal Management
LilyBravoHND Animal Management
ElizabethBrownHND Animal Management
LouisCornwallHND Animal Management
JasmineCurtisHND Animal Management
SamuelDouglasHND Animal Management
KatieDrayHND Animal Management
JadeDurrantHND Animal Management
ChloeEvansHND Animal Management
ChloeFrancisHND Animal Management
EleanorGoodchildHND Animal Management
DaisyHughesHND Animal Management
ChantelleHurleyHND Animal Management
SianKirwanHND Animal Management
LucyLatchamHND Animal Management
OliviaLenharthHND Animal Management
AbigailLewisHND Animal Management
NicolaMortimerHND Animal Management
FinleyOsbornHND Animal Management
ShericeQuickHND Animal Management
CaitlinRussellHND Animal Management
HannahSteadyHND Animal Management
SharonTorranceHND Animal Management
JamieWallHND Animal Management
Cheuk LunWarburtonHND Animal Management
CharlotteAbbottHND Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
GeorgiaKenneyHND Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
AnastasiaLagarezHND Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
Mushnad SamirAhmadHND Business
BethanyBurnsHND Business
AlfieCooperHND Business
AdamCroadHND Business
OskarFicekHND Business
MichaelFieldHND Business
HarryFogartyHND Business
KrisjanisGintersHND Business
RobertJohnstonHND Business
ThomasJonesHND Business
HelenKimberHND Business
WilliamKingstonHND Business
ThomasLettisHND Business
JacobMarrinanHND Business
DanielMeisingerHND Business
MantvydasMinelgaHND Business
HumzaMunirHND Business
LaurenNewmanHND Business
JoanaPimentaHND Business
TiffanySayersHND Business
RobertSmithHND Business
JasmineSmythHND Business
SamuelToolanHND Business
JosephWoodsHND Business
EricaYoungHND Business
NelamKhanHND Business
AneeqaMalikHND Business
JibinPaulHND Business
PaulSandersonHND Business
SimiSudraHND Business
SydneyBryantHND Computing
HollyCarterHND Computing
ReeceHarrisHND Computing
HarryJeacockHND Computing
TraceyJohnsHND Computing
AlexanderNagleHND Computing
CameronNorris-GuyHND Computing
AlastairRussellHND Computing
BradleySwailesHND Computing
MaximeWillerHND Computing
MathewWilliamsHND Computing
BenWoodburnHND Computing
Rachael AnnCUMMINGSHND Computing (Security)
Jamie RaymondGUNNERHND Computing (Security)
HaseenNALEEMHND Computing (Security)
Sarah ElizabethPRENTICEHND Computing (Security)
SayyidurRAHMANHND Computing (Security)
Modou LaminSIDIBEHHND Computing (Security)
Ahmed AadilSUMARHND Computing (Security)
Fern AstridgeBRUCEHND Creative Media Production
James WilliamHOWELLHND Creative Media Production
Cameron JordanIULAHND Creative Media Production
Jamie ReeseKEMPSTERHND Creative Media Production
Olivia GraceLAWRENCEHND Creative Media Production
PalwashaMATINHND Creative Media Production
Robbie LeeMONAHANHND Creative Media Production
Max Ian AndrewMOYHND Creative Media Production
JoeBennettHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
SusannaBennisonHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
LawrenceBlundenHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
GabrielBroadhurstHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
JosephBroughtonHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Wing LamCheungHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
BradleyConwayHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
CharlizeDriscoll-BennettHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
TillyFoxHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
NaailKhanHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
AnnabelleOsborneHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
CallumRowlandHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Maria Do MarSalles ParenteHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
MarianneWakefield-HarreyHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
LilyWardHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
ArchieWardleHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
IsabellaXenopoulosHND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Michael JohnBRIDGERHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Jonathan Huseyin GeraldCOWANHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Callum EdwardEGGLEDENHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Bruce CliveFOSTERHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
GavinHEDGESHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Matthew OliverHOLLISHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
David WilliamHONEYSETTHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Tyler PaulHYATTHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
HiltonKARIMAKWENDAHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Haydar AliMALIKHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Mohammed HassanMOGHALHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
JayprakashNAYEEHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
JakeWEAREHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
DavidWORTHHND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
TomHurfordHND Engineering (General)
MaxLittleboyHND Engineering (General)
OllieMurrayHND Engineering (General)
Reece JohnBEANEYHND Engineering (Manufacturing)
JesusMartinez HernandezHND Engineering (Manufacturing)
Joss VictorRAZZELLHND Engineering (Manufacturing)
Ryan RonaldBONNERHND Engineering (Mechanical)
Thomas RobertBUDDHND Engineering (Mechanical)
Ali Michael HasanCOWANHND Engineering (Mechanical)
Robert JohnDENNISHND Engineering (Mechanical)
JackFIELDERHND Engineering (Mechanical)
Alexandra ElizabethHERDHND Engineering (Mechanical)
Andrew RobertHUTCHINSONHND Engineering (Mechanical)
Luke PeterJOHNSTONHND Engineering (Mechanical)
Bruce JohnKABLEANHND Engineering (Mechanical)
Jacob BenjaminMICOUDHND Engineering (Mechanical)
GirumMULISAHND Engineering (Mechanical)
Aidan Victor WilliamOXLEY-SHAWHND Engineering (Mechanical)
KevinRAMSAYHND Engineering (Mechanical)
JacWILLIAMSHND Engineering (Mechanical)
RubyFryHND Hospitality Management
AlwinJamesHND Hospitality Management
AdamMooreHND Hospitality Management
JoanaPaiva PomboHND International Travel & Tourism Management

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