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Chichester College Group places student voice at the heart of everything it does – here at Brinsbury College, it’s no different.

Brinsbury SU values its student voice and this is reflected through the work of the SU

Being at college isn’t just about learning and academic studies, it’s about testing yourself, experimenting and gaining new experiences.

Join us in some amazing adventures as we introduce you to the wider world through trips to Italy for Whale and Dolphin Conservation, or volunteering in Kenya, or test yourself with coasteering, climbing and surfing in Wales. If there is something you want to do that we aren’t offering, then get involved and make it happen.

Student Executive

At the beginning of each year, every course across the college elects one of its students to become a Student Representative. the SU invites each of them to meet with all the other ‘Reps’ and the Senior Management Team at Student Conferences, held three times a year.

At the first conference, held in September, we ask for volunteers to become members of the student leadership team – the Student Executive. These dedicated young people meet once a week throughout the year to discuss everything that affects our students, from fundraising to food prices as well as the everyday running of the SU.

The ‘Exec’ represent the entire student body and vote on day-to-day issues, as well as assisting with Brinsbury SU organised events as well as volunteering at college events, including open days.

One of these ‘Execs’ could go on to be elected Student President, taking on the sabbatical post for the next academic year and representing students at the highest levels locally, nationally and globally.

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