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Brinsbury blacksmithing students join forces with renowned artist

3 May 2024

Brinsbury College’s blacksmith students have produced a stunning wall sculpture.

Working with internationally renowned metal artist Alan Williams over two days in the Brinsbury forge, they took inspiration from nature – the design incorporating a crane and wildflowers. 

The impressive, finished piece will go on display in Brinsbury House. 

The project saw students across the course come together to create the piece, building on their teamwork and communication skills. 

Kiara, one of the second-year students, contributed various parts to the sculpture including several leaves as well as working on part of the bird. She revealed: “It’s been quite incredible. Alan came last year, so I’ve been able to have a second go which has been fun – and I did more this year. 

“It’s been quite interesting working as a big team because I work on my own usually. It’s been really fun to see everyone’s contributions coming together, all the elements coming in and you see the vision starting to happen. 

“I don’t do a lot of sculpture work, so that’s been an interesting learning experience – just seeing the sketch turn into something is really cool. 

“I love this course, and the way it has helped me develop – every project we’re learning new techniques and there’s the end of year project coming up, where we have complete creative freedom. I’m looking forward to that. 

“Our teachers are incredible – I’d really recommend it.” 

Brinsbury College is one of only a few colleges to offer blacksmithing and farriery courses and is the only one in the local region. 

Paul Burry, Head of Learning at Brinsbury College, said: “For the second consecutive year, Alan Williams led an amazing masterclass workshop that has inspired our Blacksmithing students. 

“Engaging in the design and construction process of a breath-taking sculpture, our students worked closely with Alan, George (a former Brinsbury student from last year), and our Forge team. 

“This experience under Alan’s mentorship has offered some invaluable insights into the industry and exposed the true beauty of the blacksmithing craft.” 

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