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Cricket conquest takes Brinsbury student to England squad

12 May 2023

Brinsbury College horticulture student, Alfie Pyle, reveals how a ‘forward drive’ can drive you forward as he is set to reach national cricket squad.

Alfie recently discovered that he made the official England Disability Squad selection trials and when successful, could be jetting off to South Africa with the team on tour at the age of only 20-years-old.  

Despite facing some difficult challenges throughout his school years, Alfie has continued to flourish since joining Brinsbury College – not only academically but also athletically and socially. 

When Alfie is not thriving through his horticulture course, he is never too far from a cricket pitch and since joining the Sussex County Disability Squad back in 2019 he has continued to improve and develop as a cricketeer. 

Alfie’s talents were soon recognised as he progressed and selected for England Disability Team T20 cricket trials. So far, Alfie has been successful and has three more games to showcase his skills in order to represent his nation in South Africa. 

Alfie said: “From such a young age I have loved cricket and some of my best memories growing up have been playing this sport. 

“Whether I am helping coach locally or even popping back to my old school to coach and help others chase their dream, it is so much more than a sport to me.” 

Although Alfie had previously struggled to build relationships with peers due to self-esteem issues and confidence knock-backs through his speech disorder and learning disability, it has been fantastic for fellow students and staff see him flourish through this incredible journey. 

Paul Burry, Head of Learning at Brinsbury College, said: “I could honestly not be any prouder of Alfie if I tried. 

“Despite any hurdle or challenge, he has continued to prioritise his passion and push through with his dream to make the squad.

“He is the perfect example that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and have the right people supporting you along the way.

“Brinsbury College is so proud of you Alfie, well done, good luck in your games and ‘Howzat?.” 

The next few months will be full of intense training sessions and strict regimes in order for Alfie to meet all the physical requirements expected for players while they prepare to go on tour.