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Cultivating an apprenticeship allows you to grow and thrive

3 February 2023

Horticulture and landscape apprentice, Lucy Turner, 18, is thriving in her role as a landscaper with her uncle’s business, W J Swansborough Garden Services.

She’s been sharing her story, revealing just how she came to find the best way to study in order to chase her passion. 

What apprenticeship are you studying?   

Lucy: I am currently studying the L2 Horticulture & Landscape Operative with Brinbsbury College and my employer is my family run business W J Swansborough Garden Services. 

What does that involve? (For example, can you tell us what an average day as an apprentice looks like)?   

Lucy: So, a typical week for me consists of being at work on Monday, Weds, Thurs and Fridays and I spend Tuesdays at Brinsbury. 

At work I do a real variety of work from decking, fencing, driveways, grave digging and much more. 

I much prefer the physical aspects to the apprenticeship which is why I choose an outdoors one and the good thing about this particular apprenticeship is that no two days are the same with the apprenticeship and it is for sure the best thing I have ever done. 

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?   

Lucy: After high school I went to another college where I joined courses in public services, childcare and even tried training as a chef but none of the subjects inspired or motivated me in the way I thought they would. 

At age 16 I joined my uncle’s business just helping out until we decided to see how I could still focus on my education too. 

After research into which colleges offered either a horticulture or landscaping apprenticeships, we came across Brinsbury which really stood out.    

I just knew from the moment that I started this apprenticeship that a full-time college course was not for me. 

What are the best things about doing an apprenticeship?    

Lucy: I would say that one of the best things about my apprenticeship is that every single day comes with a new challenge, it keeps me on my toes. 

Another great thing about my apprenticeship is that I never dread going into each working day and this is so important for me to progress whilst being motivated. 

Have you felt supported by the college and your employer? Tell us about that…   

Lucy: I have felt extremely supported from both my employer and Brinsbury College from the very first day of my apprenticeship. 

The staff at Brinbsbury College go out of their way to make things as easy as they possibly can for all of the students. 

In particular my horticulture lecturer, Steve Millam, keeps me motivated and feeling good about the projects coming up.  

He makes us share our experiences with the class to either tackle similar issues or celebrate the good achievements together. 

What do you plan do after your apprenticeship?   

 Lucy: After my apprenticeship I plan on staying with my uncle and the team at W J Swansborough Garden Services to develop my career and perhaps one day even take over the business. 

Would you recommend choosing an apprenticeship? If so, why?   

 Lucy: I would definitely recommend choosing an apprenticeship to anyone as it is an easier way to process the education side of it whilst being on the job. 

You are always super busy and do not get a moment of being bored or struggling with doing the same routine. 

What advice would you give to future apprentices?   

Lucy: If I was to give any advice to future apprentices, I would tell them to never give up and if you are presented with good opportunities take them- you will not regret it. 

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