Travelling to Brinsbury

Travelling to Brinsbury

Brinsbury College campus is accessible by car, bus and train.

There is also parking on-site for students and visitors.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information supplied is correct at the time of publication.

Students and their parent/carers should check with service providers to ensure that published costs and timetables are current and correct.


To park in the college car park, you must either:

  • Register in advance for a free E-Permit and pay 50p daily through JustPark (you cannot apply for your free E-Permit via the JustPark app)


  • Purchase a pre-paid E-Season Ticket.

You need to visit the E-Store on the following link to arrange either of the above options:-

This applies to all students, including those on evening and weekend courses.

Students who have not yet enrolled should use their student ID – this will have been given to them when they applied for their course, while apprentices should use their birthdate in an eight-digit format (ddmmyyyy eg 01012002).

E-Permit holders can pay daily using JustPark, either through the app, on the website or by calling 07520 63 44 55, quoting the college’s JustPark location ID (this can be found on the signage in the college car park). This must be done within 30 minutes of entering the car park. Without an E-Permit, even if you pay the daily charge, you may still receive a Parking Charge Notice.

A pre-paid E-season ticket, for any number of days, includes the weekends for free weekend parking at any CCG campus.

Days 1 2 3 4 5
Cost £ 14 28 42 56 69

Days 1 2 3 4 5
Cost £ 10 14 19 23

If you park any extra days than what you have purchased on your E-season ticket, you will need to pay for the day through JustPark. 

If you change vehicles at any time after originally registering, you will need to register the new vehicle. You can do so on the Parking Change of Details form.

Motorcycle parking

Motorcycles do not need to be registered for an E-permit.  Parking for motorcycles is free but they must be parked in allocated motorcycle bays.

Blue Badge holders 

Blue badge holders will receive free parking. Blue badge holders will need to register their vehicle using the Blue Badge Holder webform and visitors must still register their vehicle with Reception.

Picking up or dropping off
There is a maximum 30 minute waiting time for vehicles at college – that applies to vehicles at the entrance to the campus, or in the car parks.

Number plates are scanned on arrival and departure, so any vehicle that is on site for longer than 30 minutes without having registered and made appropriate payment will be subject to a Parking Charge Notice.

We have found a common issue around Parking Charge Notices that relate to parents collecting students and, due to unforeseen circumstances, staying longer than 30 minutes.

If those waiting think that they are likely to exceed the 30 minute free waiting time, it is recommended that they leave the site and then re-enter.  When a vehicle exits the site (even if they re-enter in the same minute) the 30 minute grace period is refreshed and effectively re-starts.

If vehicles exceed the 30 minute waiting time, they will need to email within 48 hours. 

Parking at multiple colleges
Your E-Permit/E-Season ticket will cover all college sites, however if you only have an E-permit and pay 50p daily you will need to pay at each college you visit – even if it is on the same day.

If you have an E-Season Ticket, you will not need to pay twice if you visit more than one campus on the same day.

Can I register more than one vehicle?
Yes. You can register a maximum of two vehicles but only one of the registered vehicles can be parked at any one time. If both registered vehicles listed on the same E-season ticket are on any CCG campus at the same time, a daily ticket will need to be purchased for the vehicle that arrived latest.

All visitors (apart from Commercial Customers) using the car park, including the visitors’ car park, must log their vehicle registration at main reception within 30 minutes of arrival. All deliveries and drop offs will be fine as long as they do not exceed the 30 minutes free-stay period, if this happens, please email:


To park in the college car park, staff can either register their vehicle in advance for a free E-Permit, which will then allow them to pay 50p daily through JustPark, or alternatively they can pre-pay for the year and purchase an E-Season Ticket via the Online Store.

E-Permit holders can pay daily using JustPark, either through the app, on the website, or by calling 07520 63 44 55, quoting the college’s JustPark location ID (this can be found on the signage in the college car park). This must be done within 30 minutes of entering the car park. Without an E-Permit, even if you pay the daily charge, you may still receive a Parking Charge Notice.

A pre-paid E-season ticket, for any number of days, includes weekends for free weekend parking at any CCG campus. 

Staff can access information on parking, and links to the Online Store, through the Staff Intranet.

Who manages the college car parks?
The college car parks are independently managed by UK Car Park Management (UKCPM). They are responsible for issuing Parking Charge Notices.

Appeals Process
While the Estates Team can facilitate E-Permit/E-Season Ticket enquiries, any appeals or queries regarding Parking Charge Notices must be directed to UKCPM directly. Information can be found on the reverse of each Parking Charge Notice about the appeals procedure or via the UKCPM website:

All appeals must be made online at

Terms and conditions
Parking Terms & Conditions

Bus and train travel

Tickets can be bought for all our routes on the Brinsbury Bus mobile app.

The myTrip app aims to improve your journey by giving you information on where your bus is as well as mobile ticketing.

You can buy your ticket directly from the app or your family and friends can download the app and gift the ticket to you.

The tickets will be on the MyTrip app and on sale by Monday 7 August 2023.

Read our factsheet for more information about the new Brinsbury bus mobile app.

Download the app:

MyTrip App


Through the new Brinsbury Bus App, we will offer the following tickets for purchase:

Bus route B1, B2 and B3

  • Daily return ticket = £9.75
  • Single journey ticket = £6.50

Half-Termly Tickets (three days a week in college):




1st Autumn term (4 Sept – 20 Oct)



2nd Autumn term (30 Oct – 15 Dec)



1st Half spring term (3 Jan – 9 Feb)



2nd Half spring term (19 Feb – 29 March)



Summer Term ( 15 April – 22 June )




Ticket Bundles

  • Buy 10 days returns for the price of 9 days = £87.75
  • Buy 20 days returns for the price of 17 days = £165.75

Shuttle Service

Termly Ticket (Autumn and Spring)


Termly Ticket (Summer)


Weekly Ticket (5 days)


Daily return ticket


Daily Single ticket



Ticket Bundles

  • 10 days returns for the price of 9  = £15.75
  • 20 days returns for the price of 17 = £29.75

The Learning Support Grant & Bursary

If you are applying for the Learning Support Grant (LSG), you may be eligible for a pass for any of our routes. Please ensure you complete the LSG application form (further information can be found on the Financial Support page).

The Learning Support Grant is the name we have given to our discretionary learner support scheme and is administered by the college. This grant can provide you with help with travel costs.

Bus Routes

From Shoreham (bus route B1)

Our route 1 service will start in Shoreham, stopping at Lancing, Worthing Pier, Broadwater, Findon Valley, Findon, Washington and Ashington before arriving at our Brinsbury campus.

From Crawley (bus route B2)

Our route 2 service will start in Crawley, stopping at Broadfield, Horsham, Broadbridge Heath, Southwater and Billingshurst before arriving at our Brinsbury campus.

From Chichester (bus route B3)

Our route 3 service will start in Chichester, stopping at North Bersted, Bognor Regis, Felpham, Littlehampton, Wick and Arundel before arriving at our Brinsbury campus.

From Pulborough train station (station service B9)

We are still offering our station service between Pulborough train station and the Brinsbury campus alongside the other bus routes.

A public transport bus service also runs along the A29, with the 100 bus between Horsham and Pulborough stopping right outside the campus.

Service 100 is operated by Compass Travel hourly throughout the day.  This service stops outside Brinsbury Campus (on the main road) and runs between Horsham and Burgess Hill, via Slinfold, Billingshurst, Pulborough, Pulborough Station, Storrington, Steyning, Upper Beeding and Henfield.  You can pay for your ticket on the bus itself for the 100 service. 

Students who purchase a ticket for service B9 on the myTrip app can also use this ticket on service 100, but only between Brinsbury and Pulborough Station. Just scan it on the machine as you get on the bus. For further information, please go to or call 01903 690025. 

Service 100 timetable

Bus timetable


Taragon Way, Southlands Hospital   07:40 
Shoreham, Ropetackle   07:50 
Lancing, Beach Green    07:55 
Worthing Pier, Stop D 0   08:05 
Broadwater Church    08:15 
Findon Valley Shops    08:25 
Findon, The Gun    08:20 
Washington Recreation Ground   08:40 
Ashington Red Lion    08:45 
Brinsbury College    09:00 


Brinsbury College    16:45 
Ashington Red Lion    17:00 
Washington Recreation Ground    17:10 
Findon, The Gun   17:15 
Findon Valley Shops   17:20 
Broadwater Church    17:30 
Worthing Pier, Stop F    17:40 
Lancing, Beach Green   17:45 
Shoreham, Ropetackle    17:50 
Taragon Way, Southlands Hospital    18:00 


Crawley Bus Station, Stop D   07:45 
Gossops Green, Cheals Roundabout   07:52 
Bewbush, Breezehurst Roungabout   07:54 
Horsham Railway Station   08:15
Broadbridge Heath, Tesco    08:25 
Southwater, Lintot Square   08:35 
Billingshurst, The Kings Arms    08:50 
Brinsbury College    09:00


Brinsbury College   16:45 
Billingshurst, The Kings Arms   16:50 
Southwater, Lintot Square   17:05 
Broadbridge Heath, Tesco    17:15 
Horsham Railway Station   17:25 
Bewbush, Breezehurst Roundabout    17:40 
Gossops Green, Cheals Roundabout   17:42 
Crawley Bus Station    17:55 



Chichester Bus Station (Southgate)   07:20 
North Bersted Shops    07:35 
Bognor Regis High Street    07:45 
Felpham. The Southdowns    07:55 
Littlehampton Anchor Springs    08:10 
Wick Street Post Office    08:15 
Arundel Riverside    08:28 
Brinsbury College    08:50 


Brinsbury College   16:45 
Arundel Riverside   17:10 
Wick Street Post Office    17:23 
Littlehampton Anchor Springs    17:28 
Felpham, The Southdowns    17:43 
Bognor Regis High Street    17:53 
North Bersted Shops    18:03 
Chichester Bus Station (Southgate)    18:18 

Morning (Mon-Fri)     

Pulborough Station     09:00    09:05 
Brinsbury Campus    09:10    09:15


Afternoon (Mon-Fri)

Brinsbury Campus     16:45    16:55 
Pulborough Station    16:55   17:05