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Brinsbury College unveils new outdoor classroom

16 July 2021

Students at Brinsbury College will be able to take their learning outside, in more ways than one!

A new ‘outdoor’ classroom has been built at the college, designed to meet the needs of students with a variety of disabilities.

The facility has been funded through a donation by Francia’s Trust – a charity which supports students with disabilities.

Students across the college have also contributed their time and skills, assisting with the building and development of the classroom.

Sally Challis-Manning MBE, Principal of Brinsbury College, said: “This is a wonderful facility which will increase learning opportunities for our students, especially those with disabilities.

“They will benefit in so many ways, not least by spending more time outside.

“The goal of the classroom is really quite simple – to give our students access to the many benefits of studying outside, such as encouraging their resilience and adaptability and promoting an understanding of our environment.

“It also aids in the development of inquisitive thinking and self-confidence, while helping to promote collaborative-working and communication.

“Many of our students have also helped to build the classroom, giving them valuable experience that they can be hugely proud of.

“The classroom is fully accessible, and students of all abilities will be able to enjoy learning in it for years to come.

“On behalf of everyone at Brinsbury, I’d like to offer our thanks to the Francia Trust for their generosity and the work they do to support so many students.”